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How to care for dogs’ teeth

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Dogs are pets that are not exposed to tooth decay so much as humans, but may suffer from some dental problems, which are the accumulation of calcareous substances, sediments and various infections that affect the gums, resulting in the appearance of a foul smell in the dog’s mouth and suffering from many life-threatening diseases, Studies and research have shown that a large proportion of dogs have dental and gum disease.

In order to protect your dog from various diseases, you should be careful to wash your dog’s teeth with brushing and care every day to protect against infections. We will now learn how to take good care of the dogs’ teeth. It would prolong his life and give him health, energy and activity.

Use a good toothbrush

Be careful to choose a good toothbrush so that you can access all the parts of the teeth especially to the gum line. The breeder should also make sure to usually wash the teeth from the fun habits that the dog expects daily, taking care not to overdo the dog’s teeth until the dog gets used to it. And do not hate him, as well as not be designed to wash all the teeth at the first time so that the dog over the habit of washing with the consideration of reward after that to make him likes to clean his teeth and find it fun and happiness.

Teach tooth washing at an early stage

When you start taking care of your dog’s teeth, it is important that the dog gets used to washing his teeth in the early years. The sooner the tooth is more fun and easier for the dog, the more late it is that the teacher finds it difficult to train her teeth continuously.

Toothpaste for dogs

Dogs do not use human toothpaste because it contains fluoride, which is toxic to dogs, so never use human toothpaste to care for your dog’s teeth. You should buy a dog toothpaste and you will find it sold in all pet shops and all Needs.

Play the game of dogs

There are lots of games that you can give your dog to chew and play with, so it is very useful as it helps to clean the dog’s teeth and clean the gums, but keep in mind that these games are not too hard to chew easily without being broken, By chewing for dogs it helps to remove lime, clean the gums and strengthen the dog’s teeth dramatically, and there are plenty of games available specifically for this purpose you can search for in pet shops.

Visit your veterinarian for dog care

In order to properly care for the dog’s teeth, the dog may need to visit the veterinarian from time to time to maintain his health and dental health. He will perform a thorough examination of the teeth by a specialist doctor to protect the dog from bacteria that are produced by the gums and unclean teeth and cause serious diseases and damage to the organs. Different dog body.

The veterinarian usually cleans the dog’s teeth with great professionalism by first letting him open his mouth and control his teeth well. He then cleans them with great efficiency and removes the lime and dirt from them. He then shines them well and notes all the teeth and knows if any tooth needs repair. Remove or not, as well as reassure the veterinarian about the health of the dog and the health of its various organs.

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