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5 Awesome Coca Cola Life Hacks You Knew Heard About!

Coca Cola is a much revered consumer product all over the world. No matter where you go you will always be able to find Coke at the corner shop.

It is essential that we moderate how much Coke we drink to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. However, Coke fans will be thrilled to know that their favorite product as a plethora of other uses around the house which doesn’t involve it being ingested.

Coca Cola for practical uses? Absolutely! Here are some jaw-dropping, unusual uses for Coke which may never have even occurred to you.

5. Defrost your windscreen

Hate scraping frozen ice off your windscreen early morning before leaving for work? Who doesn’t. Pour Coke liberally all over the windscreen and then wait for about a minute. The ice will turn into a slush-like composition and you can easily wipe it off the screen.

4. Mini volcanoes for children

This is an interesting trick to show to the kids. Take an egg shell and crack it on one side to empty the contents into a bowl. Once the egg shell is empty, take a coke plastic cap and glue it to the side of the egg that is unbroken. The egg will now able to stand on a flat surface without tipping over. Pour some coke into the egg from the cracked side.

Once it fills up take a mentos and drop it in. The Coke will begin to fizzle and you have an awesome mini volcano to show off.

3. Chicken a la Coke

Coca Cola is the perfect marinade for chicken. Not only does it reduce the cooking time remarkably (so you know what to use when guests turn up without calling first) the sugar from the Coke also gives it a nice, crispy crust. All you need is Coke, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper, sliced onions and a whole chicken. Marinate the chicken and leave it for an hour. Pop it in the oven and that’s about it.

2. Clean and shiny pans

For pans that have been burnt, pour a can of coke into them and heat them over the stove. As the coke simmer the burnt stains will start to weaken and you can easily wipe them clean. Soaking pans and kettles in coke overnight can also help remove scale and build-up

1. Wipe stains off surfaces successfully

Coke has orthophosphoric acid and when combined with toothpaste, which has abrasive qualities, the combination makes a really good and strong cleaning solution. Take a spray bottle and pour toothpaste and coke in equal quantities. Mix it well. Spray the solution over any stained surface like utensils, bathroom sanitary fixtures, tubs etc. to get hard stains off.6 of 6

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