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7 Natural recipes help to beautify the hair of dogs

Dog hair is one of the Guides that show the health and vitality of a dog, dogs with shiny hair and always bright. If you are a dog breeder you will definitely love to have your dog with glossy, shiny and shiny hair all the time. Dogs with full health are always bright and shiny.

If you notice that your dog’s hair is slightly weak, not as shiny and soft as the hair of dogs belonging to the same breed as it belongs to, we offer you 7 tips on grooming dogs. If you follow these tips you will get thick, soft and shiny hair for your dog

What is the cause of loss of luster of dogs?

Most zoologists agree that the reason for the lack of luster of dogs and their lack of sleep is improper feeding of dogs. So the first thing you should care about is proper nutrition for dogs to get smooth, shiny and shiny hair all the time. Proper nutrition for dogs means giving the dog useful foods rich in proteins and free from preservatives. Also do not multiply giving dogs such as grain boiled corn, wheat, oats, soya. Despite its benefits but causes allergies that affect the softness and shine of the dogs hair.

There are some health problems that may affect the softness and brightness of the hair of dogs and affect the overall appearance. Therefore, the fur of the unwanted-looking dog may be indicative of the dog’s need to visit the veterinarian.

Parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms and worms in general can feed on substances that are important to your dog’s health and affect the softness and luster of your dog’s fur. Fleas, ticks and some kidney and thyroid problems in dogs can be largely responsible for the lack of gloss and softness of the dog’s hair. Therefore, you must first make sure that your dog is free from any of the diseases affecting the fur and the overall appearance of your dog.

1- Provide tuna, sardines and salmon in your dog’s food

Tuna, sardines and salmon are the most important sources of omega-3 in dog food. Omega-3 helps prevent joint disease of dogs, as it increases the vitality, activity and health of your dog in general. In addition, these foods will increase the gloss and softness of your dog’s fur

2 – comb the dog’s hair periodically

Combing the hair of dogs periodically stimulates the skin and hair follicles to produce natural skin oils that help to soften the hair of dogs and give it a shiny appearance and brilliance. Experts advise combing the hair of dogs three times a week

3 – Pay attention to bathing the dog in a balanced manner

The timing of dogs’ needs varies from one type to the next, and the age of the dogs varies depending on their health status and the length of their fur hair. In general, dogs need to be bathe at least once a month. Bathing once a month maintains the health of the dogs hair and keeps the softness of the dogs hair very much.

However, this does not prevent the dogs from taking shower more than once a month, but be careful not to greatly refine the dog, because the dogs lose the natural oils produced by the skin, and thus affect the softness of the dogs hair and affect the luster of the dog’s hair.

During dog showers, you should use a specially designed moisturizing shampoo for dogs. So that does not cause any inflammation of the dog’s skin affect the oils separated and affect the luster and softness of the hair. It can also add certain nutrients to the hair of dogs that you can buy from pet tools stores. These nutrients contain vitamins such as vitamin C responsible for smoothness and shine of the dog’s hair.

Some coconut oil may also be used before the dogs shower directly to maintain the hair and skin condition.

4 – Add some oil to the dog’s food

To maintain the gloss of the dogs hair you can add a small amount of oil to the main dog meal. Oils such as (olive oil) keep the dog’s hair shiny and healthy for long periods. The right amount to add oil to the dog’s food is a teaspoon each week. Over-adding oil may lead to diarrhea in dogs. Be careful not to overuse the oils.

5 – herbal treatment to help in the smoothness of dogs

The use of materials rich in silica, proteins and vitamin B, all these ingredients help to maintain the health of the skin in the dog and thus get the dog to hair soft, shiny and shiny. The use of natural ingredients rich in vitamins helps to soften and strengthen the dog’s hair and raise the overall health of the dog

But again, be careful not to use any ingredients over the limit without consulting your veterinarian to see the appropriate dosage for the dog.

6 – Do not leave your dog in the open for long periods

Dogs that lie outdoors or spend long periods of time in the sun or in a volatile environment with no chance of protection from various weather factors suffer greatly with regard to their fur, softness of hair and their bowels. If your dog is exposed to the outside atmosphere and the different twists without having a chance inside his own house to protect against these factors, you should immediately change that.

Protecting the dog from different climates and weather conditions can make the dog’s hair healthier and help the dog’s hair shine wonderfully.

7- Natural recipes on the smoothness and shine of dogs hair

As explained in the article, the hair and the aid and nudity in dogs is an important indicator of dog health. Dogs that do not appear shiny and soft brim definitely suffer from some health problems, so we offer you a natural recipe to soften and shine the hair of dogs. This recipe will benefit the dog’s skin and will add gloss and luster to your dog’s hair and will reduce the annoying itching in the dog’s skin.

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