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How to Protect Your Dog from Diseases

For your safety dogs must avoid these unsafe foods, such as:

BLUE CHEESES – Most cheeses aren’t that bad for your dog. Cheeses do tend to be high in fat and salt, so they should very rarely be given to dogs and only in small amounts. Cheesy junk food should just be outright avoided. Blue cheeses, such as Stilton and Gorgonzola, are a much worse though. The penicillium mold cultures that color the cheese blue can cause roquefortine poisoning in dogs, which is potentially fatal. Symptoms include muscle tremors, vomiting, and seizures. Blue cheese that has been sitting out or gone bad has a higher chance of poisoning your dog, so be sure to keep cheese platters out of your dog’s reach. When throwing out blue cheese make sure it’s in a secured container your dog doesn’t have access to.

BONES (COOKED OR RAW) – The next time you have a nice piece of steak, you might consider throwing your dog the bone, especially if they’re into chewing things, but cooked bones are really bad for dogs. When bones are cooked they become brittle, and it’s easy for a jagged piece to splinter off and be swallowed. Once swallowed, your dog could end up choking on the piece, or if it’s sharp enough it may end up cutting up their insides like a little jagged knife. If it’s big enough it may become an intestinal blockage. All of those things are potentially deadly. Most of us know to keep cooked chicken bones away from our dogs, but even larger, thicker bones, such as t-bones, can cause the same

Feeding dogs raw bones, meanwhile, is just as bad as feeding them raw meat. A raw bone might be safe for your dog to eat, in fact the odds are it probably is, but there’s also a chance it’s full of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E. coli. A dog may have a better immune system for handling these diseases than a human, but their immune system isn’t a perfect defense, and there’s a real danger that they could become seriously ill.

With bones and other chews it’s safest to stick with products that have been specially prepared and are specifically advertised as safe for your dog to chew.

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